June 26th. That’s primary day. And it’s now TWO MONTHS AWAY.

I have never been more confident that, together, we have what it takes to win this primary — and then to defeat Elise Stefanik in November. But I still need your help.

Since the beginning, this campaign has been a grassroots effort. Together, we’ve knocked on thousands of doors and have heard from many voters about what they want for our district. What many want is a representative in Washington who has already been doing what we need most: helping to grow our economy in a way that works for everyone.

Our economy can grow and help everyone if we create good paying jobs — and we could do this in the clean energy industry, if we had a representative who made this a priority. We could grow our economy by creating training programs to educate our workforce for high tech jobs that would thrive in our region, if we had a representative who supported workforce development programs. We could grow our economy by supporting our entrepreneurial culture, if we had a representative who supported tax incentives for rural entrepreneurs rather than for multi-million dollar corporations.

I couldn’t have gotten this far without your support, and I truly appreciate everything you do for our team. Please help me keep the momentum going for the next eight weeks. (And then we can take a few hours off to celebrate!)

This campaign is about working together and sharing ideas, so can you forward this post to five friends who might not know what’s going on in this race, but who you know would care?

I am meeting more and more people who are rethinking their vote for our current representative. People who want a practical, visionary, and experienced representative in Washington — someone who will keep the North Country’s needs and visions front and center when she votes, not the interests of major corporations and party insiders. The only way to secure the change we need is to vote for it at the polls in June and again in November.

So on June 26th, let’s nominate the Democrat in this race who can beat Elise Stefanik, so that we don’t have another two years of a representative rubber stamping Trump’s agenda. Because of my visions, experience and values, I am that person.

Although you know how important primary day is, your friends and family may not. Please send this post to 5 friends who share our vision for the North Country’s future so that we can, together, make sure our voices are heard loudly and clearly on June 26.

Thank you so much for your support.