Representative Stefanik has once again turned her back on the North Country and played us as naive, saying one thing and doing another. On April 18, 170 federal lawmakers signed a resolution calling for the resignation of Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. The Representative’s signature was notably missing despite her declaration, during her recent visit to the North County, that Pruitt should resign.

Pruitt has made some of the worst decisions for our region and country’s health and welfare. Among other dangerous changes, over the last year Pruitt has rolled back automobile emission standards, withdrawn from the Clean Power Plan, and pushed the President to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. These moves threaten the health of our children and our tourism economy. Without clean air and water, if acid rain returns, and as climate change accelerates, people will not come to fish, swim, paddle, ski, or snowmobile. Our own quality of life will also diminish.

When our representative had the chance to take a significant stand, she failed to do so. She claims to be bi-partisan, but presented with the opportunity to truly act in a such a way, to actually walk the walk rather than just talk the talk, she fails to do so. When she could really make a difference by standing up for the region she represents, she fades into the shadows of her party’s agenda, following Paul Ryan’s lead rather than doing the hard work that would help the North Country.

Leaders show their true colors at times when it is hardest. Once again, we have seen the pale outline of Stefanik’s leadership. I am sure that it is difficult to break with your party leaders and to do what is right for your country and your constituents, but I know I will have the strength to do so when I am in Congress. I have the resolve to listen to what my region and our nation needs and to put my country and constituents before myself and my party. I ask for your vote so that I may have the chance to do so.