By: Brian Mann

One of the five Democrats running for the North Country’s House seat is on her way to El Paso, Texas this morning, planning to join protests over the Trump administration’s policy separating children from their families.

Emily Martz, from Saranac Lake, told Brian Mann Tuesday morning that she wants to see the detention camps and facilities first-hand.

“It flies in the face of American values. It flies in the face of justice,” Martz said in a telephone interview. “I thought it was really important for me to come down and learn first-hand what’s going on.”

News reports suggest that as many as 2,000 children of migrants have been separated from their parents.

Martz said she isn’t worried that her trip would be viewed as an effort to leverage or exploit the crisis on the border, in the final week of a hard-fought primary.

“This is happening now. If it had been happening three months ago, if it happens and continues to happen three months from now, I would have been here.”

Martz is one of five Democrats running for the North Country’s NY21 House seat. She faces Tedra Cobb, Patrick Nelson, Dylan Ratigan and Patrick Nelson in Tuesday’s primary. Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik and Green candidate Lynn Kahn already have spots on the November ballot.

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