Why I support Emily Martz in NY-21 congressional primary on June 26.

I’m reminded of the Chinese curse: “to be born in interesting times.” These are certainly interesting times for our country! And, my most important criteria for choosing a candidate in the upcoming primary is — who has the best chance of flipping the seat? This would help retake the House of Representatives, a crucial step in thwarting destructive climate, education and tax policies. Emily is smart, hard working and honest, and most importantly, she is a unifier. In my view, these qualities make her the best candidate in the field. She also has strong positions on universal health care, the green economy and sustainable economic development for the North Country. She can present her ideas in a forceful, yet positive way.


A relative newcomer to politics, Emily has been a quick study. She has climbed up the candidate learning curve far quicker and much farther than other viable candidates. Specifically, she clearly conveys a progressive message, she has shown to have an ability to raise funds — a necessity in the general election race, and she has built a field team who is young, energetic and willing to listen. This is a historic moment for NY-21. A primary with five legitimate candidates ready to challenge the congressional status quo is unprecedented. I urge registered Democrats to “save the date” for June 26, then get some insight into the strengths and positions of the candidates. All the candidates have their strengths, and it is useful to consider what criteria is most important in this choice. And, most importantly, vote!

Harrison Freer, Queensbury