EDITOR at the Fulton County Express

April 25, 2018

Democratic candidate for the 21st Congressional District Emily Martz spent April 4 on a tour of Fulton County. Martz, left, speaks to Northville Mayor John Spaeth and his wife, Barbara, about the Sacandaga Valley Arts Gallery and revitalization of Northville.


FULTON COUNTY | Democratic candidate for the 21st Congressional District Emily Martz spent April 4 on a tour of Fulton County.

Martz’ first stop was Main Street in Northville, where she talked to Mrs. Wade at the Northville 5 and 10 about the preservation of the historic store.
Next, Martz visited the newly opened Sacandaga Valley

Arts Gallery, where she took notes as she listened to Mayor John Spaeth and his wife, Barbara, talk about the center and revitalization of Northville.

Martz then continued down Route 30A to the Paul Nigra Center for the Arts in the Town of Mayfield where she met Wally Hart. Hart explained the history of Fulton County’s largest employer, Lexington ARC, and its connection to the Paul Nigra Center. He also told her about the musicians in the band Flame, who practice and makes their CDs in the Nigra Center music studio.

To learn more about the leather industry, which had in the past been the largest employer in the Glove Cities, Martz proceeded to Gloversville for a brief tour of Sunderland Leather. The company gained notice following use of its deerskin leather by Ralph Lauren for the gloves worn by the U.S. Olympians in the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Martz had lunch at the Gloversville Senior Center and took notes while she listened to the concerns of Director Ellie Discioscia. Martz also played the fiddle for those in attendance at the center.

Martz also visited Kingsboro Towers where she fielded questions by a small group of residents.

Martz was also greeted by a large gathering at Forest Hill Towers where she presented a brief statement about herself and then answered many questions from those gathered. Martz concluded her visit by entertaining the audience with several tunes on the fiddle.

Martz then traveled to Johnstown for a meet and greet at Mysteries on Main Street book store, where she also took questions before finally heading back to Northville for a gathering at the home of the Spaeths.