TO THE EDITOR: Over the past year, I have met and/or spoken with all five candidates running for the Democratic seat in the NY-21 congressional race.

Many of the candidates and I spoke for several hours over their first few months in the race, and it became clear to me in a very short time period who I would endorse: Emily Martz.

Emily reached out to me to set up a meeting to speak about her run. A day or two before our meeting, she sent me her resume and a letter, telling me why she wanted to run.

In the world of politics, time is the most important commodity, and I appreciated the fact that when we met, we didn’t need to take a large chunk of our time over the basics of her background and what compelled her to take on such a daunting task. She is the only candidate that did so.

When we did meet, she asked great questions and wrote pages of notes during our several-hour meeting. No other candidate did that.

She asked not only about the mechanics of running the race but my thoughts on various subjects of local importance. She was articulate, passionate, and it became very clear that she was authentic, something you don’t see too often in politics.

I publicly endorsed Emily last September. Her background in finance, education and economic development are the exact skill set that we need in Washington.

I have watched her over the last several months, standing out as the candidate of common sense, decency and passion.

I implore all Democrats to vote on June 26 for Emily Martz – for our future.

Kimberly Davis, Plattsburgh

Clinton County treasurer

Clinton County Democratic Committee vice chair