I’ve followed NY-21 congressional primary campaigns closely, attending numerous candidate forums and meet-and-greets, reading press interviews with each of the candidates and visiting their websites.

In my opinion, candidate Emily Martz stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Her commitment to justice and opportunity for all is at the core of everything she stands for. She truly believes that we all deserve to realize our full potential — whether we are poor, disabled, under-educated or oppressed by racism and/or discrimination. She has spoken out against the inhumane separation of families at our Southwest border and taken time from her campaign to meet with local leaders in Texas and visit a detention center set up for children taken from their parents.

As deputy director of the Adirondack North Country Association, Emily Martz helped new entrepreneurs build their businesses, hire more employees and become successful. At Paul Smith’s College and Clarkson University, she mentored young people seeking a career in business or economics. As a community volunteer, she helped improve Saranac Lake’s downtown, assisted in the creation of transitional housing for people released from prison and/or recovering from addiction and helped provide community meals to people in need.

Emily Martz co-founded Now What?, a grass-roots group that has educated people about the Trump administration’s threats to health care, women’s reproductive rights, the environment, education, immigration reform and many other issues. As member of ANCA’s management team, she helped make that organization an economic engine for our region.

Emily Martz supports a Medicare-for-all health care system that would ensure we all receive affordable, quality health care. She knows that our environment is one of our most precious assets and that we absolutely must protect the quality of our water, air and land and address global climate change. She understands that our schools and colleges need help to prepare young people for an increasingly complex world — and that college graduates should be able to start their careers without crushing student loan debt. She knows what services and safety-net programs such as family planning, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, food stamps, Office for the Aging, and housing and fuel assistance programs mean to families in the north country. And she vigorously opposes the Republicans’ attacks on Medicare and Social Security. And she will be a champion for our vets and military families.

I’m voting for Emily Martz in the Democratic primary on Tuesday. I hope you will, too.

Henrietta Jordan

Keene Valley


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