Approximately five years ago, community members were saying they want to use solar energy but can’t afford it, at the same time, solar panel distributors were saying their business was struggling. Recognizing this disconnect, the Adirondack North Country Association, where Emily served as Deputy Director, stepped in, to partner with the private sector, local governments, and community members. With a little seed money from the State, they executed a plan to connect homeowners with solar energy providers like APEX Solar.

When the program started, APEX Solar employed about 30 people. Today, they employ about 130 and are a well diversified company, now doing roofing, installing charging stations, and looking to work with BOCES to train our students for a future career in the solar industry.

This is the sort of work a Representative should be doing — finding ways, through partnerships, to help our businesses expand, and securing the resources we need to help ourselves and our communities thrive.This is the work that Emily has done, and this is the work she will continue doing in Congress. She is optimistic that our region has the power to create the jobs that can sustain a family— we just have to work together.