Emily believes in the people of the North Country and the power of our rural communities and local economies to create jobs that allow families to thrive. She knows our community deserves to have someone in Congress who understands the value of investing in our people and our natural resources, from the Adirondacks to the St. Lawrence River.

Having spent her entire career in economic development, operations, and education, Emily Martz has the business experience here in our region to help our families succeed, and she will push for the resources the North Country needs and an economic system that works for all Americans.

Emily graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1994, and after a long career in the financial services industry and as a college professor at the University of Delaware and Paul Smith’s College, Emily brought her talents to the non-profit economic development organization, Adirondack North Country Association. Through her work as ANCA’s Director of Operations and Finance, she brought business owners, farmers, elected officials, and other community leaders together to find innovative ways of expanding businesses and fulfilling the region’s economic needs and opportunities.

Emily’s focus is on putting people and the issues – not political agendas – first and serving the interests of our region – not those of Washington. From helping families build their financial security to forging relationships with students and understanding the challenges they face, Emily is passionate about listening to people’s stories and helping them achieve their goals. She knows a successful leader is one who listens to and learns from her community and works to identify and meet common needs and opportunities that help everyone succeed. 



I am running to create an economic system that works for everyone. I am running to create family sustaining jobs, quality healthcare for everyone, and to preserve our way of life in the North Country. Ten years from now, I envision:

  • Graduating seniors staying in the region because they find a variety of good economic opportunities here, that allow them to support themselves and their families
  • Our clean energy and energy efficiency sectors are models for rural areas and are drivers of our economic prosperity
  • Continued healthy economic integration with Canada
  • A network of resources that allow small businesses to thrive and find new markets
  • Broadband throughout the region to support high quality education and bring new business opportunities
  • Fewer dilapidated buildings
  • Hunting, fishing and ice fishing, and farming still at the core of our way of life
  • Thriving tourism that adds to the economic opportunities of the residents while respecting our unique region
  • A region that takes full advantage of the skills of our veterans and military personnel separated from service
  • More markets for our family farms
  • Strong public schools remain community centers
  • A healthcare system that provides everyone with access to affordable healthcare


I will lead by listening. As I have done in economic development, I will work with residents, local and state officials, business and community leaders and other national leaders to learn about their priorities and to find common sense approaches to bridging the gap between opportunities and challenges. Listening, building partnerships, and bringing together all interested people are the keys to success and is how I have operated throughout my career. I am practical and pragmatic and aim to help build a regional economy that leaves no one behind.

We deserve a leader in Washington who has a track record of creating jobs, who knows how to take advantage of our region’s resources while also protecting them, who can help build an economy that works for everyone. We deserve a leader who understands that economic development needs to work with the environment rather than against it, and we deserve a leader who will make sure that everyone has access to quality healthcare. I was raised to earn what I need and help others along the way, and that is what I will do in Washington.