Why I’m Running to Serve the North Country

Why I’m Running to Serve the North Country

“I am running because I want to live in a just world, a world where everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential. But the ever-widening wealth gap is destabilizing our economy and society and leaving people behind. We can fix this with leaders who focus on common sense solutions to real problems. I’ve devoted my long career in business to hearing what people need, helping them build the lives they want, and helping businesses and the clean energy sector in our region expand. I’ll use this experience and my strong determination to help our communities build family sustaining jobs, get everyone access to quality healthcare, and continue being the responsible stewards of the land that we are.”

-Emily Martz



The health and dignity of every person and the soundness of our economy depend upon a strong healthcare system, which includes access to quality, affordable healthcare for everyone.


After over 20 years in economic development, I know jobs. I know how to build them, and I know how to keep them. Our communities and local economies have the power to create family sustaining jobs if we work together.

North Country Values

Like most of us in the North Country, I was raised to work hard, earn what I need, and help others along the way. These are the values that will shape my policies and platforms.

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  • ‪I want to wish the happiest of Father’s Days to my Dad! Growing up as the Pastor’s daughter instilled in me the value of compassion that guides my everyday life — to him I’m forever grateful.‬
  • 🚨 10 DAYS TO GO 🚨
  • Emily Martz WINS the *race! *Glens Falls Hospital Superhero 5K to support Amanda’s House #NY21
  • Our seniors deserve better. #NY21
  • Stand for something.
  • In recent weeks, the Martz for Congress team has made arrangements for a Unity event which will take place on Election Night — June 26, 2018. 
We are happy to announce this event is planned and will take place in Glens Falls at The Queensbury Hotel from 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m., doors will open at 8:30 p.m. The purpose of this event is for Democrats from all around the North Country to come together and celebrate the strength of our party in New York’s 21st District as well as the long-fought primary campaigns of our remaining five candidates and the five that have since left the race.

Guests of Honor: Supporters and volunteers from all five Congressional campaigns who have put in the time and effort this election year to help win back our seat in Congress.

Invitations have been extended to all five Democratic Congressional candidates.

For more information regarding this event (Forward Together: NY-21 Democrats Celebrate Election Night), please visit our website at www.forwardtogetherny21.org or our Facebook page at Forward Together
  • We will follow in the footsteps of some amazing local and national wins by Democratic candidates who stepped up and said: if you tell me the chances are too low and the hurdles too high, I’ll do it anyway because I know that together we can win, and together we can get things done. #NY21
  • Today I was honored to join the 52nd Annual Cadyville Fire Department Field Day and Parade! Not only today, but everyday, we must celebrate our first responders for the brave work they do on behalf of our communities.
  • We’re in Glens Falls opening our second office! A huge thank you to an amazing crowd of people here in Glens Falls — from Mayors to Town Supervisors, from citizens to Democratic County Chairs — we truly received the warmest of welcomes! #NY21
  • The Tupper Lake Committee to Elect Emily Martz was out in full force this week planing out the last few weeks until the Primary! #martzforcongress

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