Why I’m Running to Serve the North Country

Why I’m Running to Serve the North Country

“I am running because I want to live in a just world, a world where everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential. But the ever-widening wealth gap is destabilizing our economy and society and leaving people behind. We can fix this with leaders who focus on common sense solutions to real problems. I’ve devoted my long career in business to hearing what people need, helping them build the lives they want, and helping businesses and the clean energy sector in our region expand. I’ll use this experience and my strong determination to help our communities build family sustaining jobs, get everyone access to quality healthcare, and continue being the responsible stewards of the land that we are.”

-Emily Martz



The health and dignity of every person and the soundness of our economy depend upon a strong healthcare system, which includes access to quality, affordable healthcare for everyone.


After over 20 years in economic development, I know jobs. I know how to build them, and I know how to keep them. Our communities and local economies have the power to create family sustaining jobs if we work together.

North Country Values

Like most of us in the North Country, I was raised to work hard, earn what I need, and help others along the way. These are the values that will shape my policies and platforms.

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  • I will celebrate #EarthDay2018 today in Watertown at the @ThompsonParkZoo & tomorrow in Plattsburgh at the Discover Service/Earth Day Celebration from 10:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m. & then again in Saranac Lake from 1:00 p.m. onward to celebrate with local environmental leaders! #NY21
  • We’re 200 days away from the General Election — but more importantly —we’re 200 days away from taking back our North Country seat in Congress! #NY21 #FlipNY21 #FlipTheHouse
  • A few weeks back, I had the chance visit a local three-generation family business in Peru, New York: Forrence Orchards! 
Among other things, we talked about the challenges of over production around the world due to the industry becoming more efficient.  Because of this, growers like the Forrences are looking for new outlets to maintain stability. 
The business is run by Peter and his son, Henry, who on the tour offered wonderful insight into his business and the lessons learned after decades growing apples. 
Despite the challenges, the family is optimistic. They are proud of their trade, and, as a major employer in the region, they are a prime example of why I’m so passionate about helping local businesses like the Forrence Orchards grow and prosper. #NY21
  • Counting down the days until we can enjoy these mountain-top views again — without a blanket of white! #NY21
  • It was a pleasure seeing Senator @kirstengillibrand again, at the Democratic Rural Conference. She reminded us that opportunities for all, diversity, and making sure our neighbors have what they need are among the guiding principles of our democracy. 
She also reminded us that, through legislation like the 40 hour work week and child labor laws, the Democratic Party is the party that upholds these principles time and again. 
These same principles are at the foundation of my campaign and will be at the foundation of my service in Congress. #NY21
  • It was a pleasure spending time this morning with some wonderful people at Sanger’s Sugar House for a pancake breakfast hosted by North Country Squares! #NY21
  • I have spent my career in #NY21 crafting strategies for small businesses — including renewable energy companies — to grow in environmentally sustainable ways. I can assure you:
  • Women all around this country make less than their male counterparts — especially women of color. This #EqualPayDay, I encourage us all to better understand how the #PayGap negatively affects our local economies, businesses, and our families. We can and must do better.
  • We have a lot to be grateful for, especially here, in our #NorthCountryHome! #NY21
  • What people want more than ever is to connect with their Representative. They want to know, you want to know, that what matters to you is what I’m taking to Washington. 

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